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The GYMTEL concept started with trying to get a decent workout whilst travelling for work. 

Our aim was to design a product, a concept and overall package with everything included to improve people’s physical and mental wellbeing from anywhere. 

Not only did we want our fitness pack to include every essential bit of equipment needed for an efficient full body workout. We wanted it to fit in with people’s lifestyles and resolve the issues they face around fitness, regardless of age, body type and fitness level. 

Therefore, we decided to design different workout plans for different goals. 

We not only include the equipment and the fitness plans, but the instructional videos to go with! These are from our team of professional trainers that show you how to use the equipment and perform the exercises with the correct technique to ensure you get the maximum from your workout and to prevent injury.   

We decided it was our mission to design a fitness product which gave people EVERYTHING. No more searching, no more guessing, no more useless results. 

Working tirelessly with a team of designers, personal trainers and athletes, we tried and tested our concept, making sure we only put the best product to our brand name. A product we were ecstatic about and most of all that worked to better the lives of our customers, physically and mentally. 

It’s now possible! You can get an amazing workout, wherever, whenever………. Sorry …… but now there really are no excuses! 

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