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GYMTEL Fitness Pack – Complete Kit. Includes all the essential fitness equipment you need keeping you fit and sane during your stay!




Quarantine Fitness Equipment: Spin Bikes, Rowing Machines, Barbell & Dumbbell sets, and more. We provide high-quality fitness equipment for the best price. Simple.


Rental available in

Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

GYMTEL Fitness Pack – Complete Kit


Bringing the gym to you in quarantine | Same day delivery.

Made for quarantine, The GYMTEL Gym in a bag includes all the essential fitness equipment you need keeping you fit and sane during your stay!

Fitness Equipment – All the essential gym equipment you need
Fitness Plans – Various to hit your goal (Tone Up, Weight Loss, Build Muscle etc)
Workout Videos by Personal Trainers – On demand from your phone/ laptop

NOTE: Brisbane area delivery not including Gold Coast hotels.

Only $99 for the full 14 days

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Sydney Quarantine Fitness Equipment

We provide high-quality fitness equipment for the best price. Simple.

We DONT believe it charging astronomical amounts for people during their quarantine. Just check our prices ? We won’t be beaten on price!

We believe in looking after your physical and mental health, so make the best of your quarantine time. Get those happy endorphins working and have the best start to your day.

Spin bikes, exercise bikes, rowing machines, treadmills and various weights.

Click and deliver. Simple and streamlined, we will work with your hotel to get same-day delivery*

Simply enter your hire start date, date of checkout. In checkout, your Sydney hotel address and room number and we will sort the rest.

RESERVE PRIOR TO ARRIVAL: Do this to ensure you have the gear you want. We are often out of stock, therefore plan in advance to avoid disappointment

PLEASE NOTE – If it shows that your equipment is not available, call or message us anyway! We always leave a buffer of extra days for pickup. Therefore we could have it in stock and you might be lucky ?

Note: All items are cleaned and sanitized to COVID-19 regulations.

*if ordered before 10 am. We always do our utmost to get them over to you asap.

Rental available in Sydney

For Melbourne & Brisbane Scroll up: Quarantine Fitness Equipment


If you don’t lose weight, get stronger, tone up (or whatever your goal is) in 30 days – we will give you your money back! No questions asked! 

Real Testimonials

Don’t just take our words for it. Our clients are our biggest supporters. Would you like to know what they think?

“Since corona I’ve really enjoyed working out in the park with my friend. We both have the gym bag and we do the toning workout together. It’s super fun and I would highly recommend it!”

Claire Howarth

“The GYMTEL fitness bag is when I’m on a short time and cannot get to the gym. I smash out the workout that I would have done and it still leaves me burning. I would say it’s an essential for all gymgoers.”

James Brock

“I’m working from home at the moment and its the perfect way for me to release my stress, clear my head and get rid of my energy. I love that I can use it outside when the weather is nice or indoors with all the door anchors and attachments.”

Michael Quigley

“I really like all the plans and videos that come with the fitness equipment. It doesn’t get boring and I like mixing it up a bit. I really enjoyed the EMOM workouts in particular!”

Chris Rogers

“One of the best workouts I have ever done.”

Charlie Gray

“I always take my GYMTEL pack with me whenever I go away for the weekend or on holiday…. Always maintaining my fitness.”

Aaron Richmond

“It really is like they say, a great full body workout at home or outside. I like the fact you can change the environment you are in and still be able to do your gym routine.”

Chelsea Chapman

“I share my gymtel bag with my girlfriend. She does the toning plan and I just do my normal gym routine.”

Jon Bailey

“I had bought some fitness equipment before but I didn’t really know how to use it properly in an actual routine. The videos really helped to show how to use everything properly and perform the exercises. I am really happy with my progression. It is honestly worth every cent.”

Petra Lasson