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  • Save money on gym memberships – people now know more than ever that you don’t have to go to a gym for an effective workout
  • Share the cost – With multiple plans for various goals and durations (3 day, 4 day and 6 day plan), you can share the GYMTEL fitness pack with a partner or simply do your current workout.
  • Workout whilst away– Take your gym with you and keep up your healthy routines while away.  Whether you normally train in a gym or at home with GYMTEL, get an awesome workout on the road and keep up your hard work. No need to feel guilty.
  • Price – The cost of each individual product added up at a regular is nearly double the amount of the GYMTEL bag, not including all the fitness plans and videos that you get included with us too!

Everyone can use it. Whether you are the stay at home parent and need to squeeze in your workouts between nap time, working from home and have an effective workout indoors or out, away on business or visiting the family and wanting to maintain your fitness, the list is endless.

It’s the same concept as a gym. People of all ages, shapes and fitness level use the gym, it’s how you use the equipment and the plan to reach your goal that differentiates people. If you want to build muscle, crank up the weight and do less reps, if you want to tone up you might want to do higher reps etc.

The GYMTEL trainers have years of experience and specializing in training all kinds of individuals, some even specializing in mobility for the elderly.

No, it’s only a one off payment! Once you have paid for the fitness pack (which is cheaper that buying everything individually), enjoy the updated fitness plans and workout videos. It’s great value and works out to be less than just 2 months membership at most gyms!

We at GYMTEL are not just passionate about improving people’s physical health, but also mental health.

It’s proven that you will reap the benefits with just half an hour of exercise a few times a week. 

There is a definitive link between physical fitness and good health has proven that people get a better sleep, have less stress and anxiety, feel more energetic, have a clearer head, work more productively as well as being one of the best “medicines” to help fight depression.

Yes yes and yes! BUT a healthy balanced diet and calorie deficit is essential is also key to reaching your goals and losing weight. You cant feed your body with trash and expect improvements.

The Essentials pack without the yoga matt weighs 3.2kg. The Yoga mat weights 1kg.

The Pro pack without the yoga mat weights 5kg. 

It’s the perfect portable size and weight to take away with you on a weekend, business trip or holiday. Limited space is needed for all of the exercises.

Yes, contact us here if if you want to buy multiple bags and save money.

We recommend that you do not put your equipment in the washing machine as this may damage it and impair the strength and durability. 

To clean, use a damp warm cloth and if necessary a mild detergent.


We have multiple types of workouts and we will continue to add more. We want to help as many people as possible. The GYMTEL fitness pack is great for building muscle, toning, mobility, strength, HIIT, EMOM, Stretch, flexibility, Yoga, Recovery and more.

No. The GYMTEL bag itself it’s compact and light. As long as you have a couple of meters squared you can perform the exercises. 

For those working from home – create a mini space for health and fitness. It can be a valuable tool for the betterment of your life. 

As you have probably read already, we have a variety of fitness plans to suit different goals. No matter what your fitness level, they will challenge you. 

Finding it too easy? Then simply increase your weight to hit the amount of reps stated in the plan or workout video. Or increase the number of reps. As a general rule of thumb we say by the reps stated, you should be near to failure at the end of each set.

The key is to work at your own level but to push your own boundaries.

We also have an elite athlete plan, curated by one of our professional triathlete trainers if you dare to take it on!

All plans have been tried and tested. You should always workout within your capabilities, but of course challenge yourself.

It most certainly is! When you work it out to be from 68 cents a day for a year and then free after for life we would say it’s as cheap as chips! Once you have made your purchase you will get exclusive access to our plans and workout videos for life. This also includes all new and updated plans and videos forever 🙂

Some of the workout plans are designed so that you can also get a full body workout in a short amount of time. Everyone can set aside 30 minutes of their day if they want to. We have plans ranging from 3 days a week to 6. Pick what fits.

No worries, it might have expired or stopped work. Please email us on [email protected] or contact us on the contact us page.

At present they are all in English, but we are looking to translate our material into other languages soon.


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