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Available Brisbane (excl. Gold Coast), Sydney & Melbourne delivery only.

COMPLETE FITNESS PACK – 14 Day Quarantine Rental


A FULL GYM IN A BAG – 14 Day Quarantine Rental

Bringing the gym to you in quarantine | Same-day delivery

Card payment available.

Sydney, Brisbane (not including Gold Coast hotels) & Melbourne delivery only. 

Made for quarantine, The GYMTEL Gym in a bag includes all the essential fitness equipment you need to keep you fit and sane during your stay!


The GYMTEL GYM PACK takes your workout to the next level and offers all the must-have fitness equipment you need during quarantine. Fitness plans and workout videos to smash your goals, regardless of your age, body type, and fitness level. It’s how you use the equipment in order to hit your goal.


Once purchased, you will get an exclusive login to all the plans and videos to go with the equipment, should you choose to use it or do your own thing.

Clear dates

Availability: 50 in stock



  • Fitness Equipment – All the essential gym equipment you need
  • Fitness Plans – Various to hit your goal (Tone Up, Weight Loss, Build Muscle)
  • Workout Videos by Personal Trainers – On demand from your phone/ laptop

Easy to use:

  • No minimum rental, 14 day maximum
  • Free delivery to your hotel room door
  • Free collection from your hotel room

Get fit in quarantine: With all your extra time, make good habits and look after yourself physically and mentally. Get up and have a sweat to start your day right!

Great value: $99 for 14 days and exclusive access to various fitness videos and plans

Premium Equipment: Our equipment is gym quality. You’ll also have exclusive access to all our plans and videos to go with the fitness pack

SAMPLE VIDEOS: Various workout videos and fitness plans for everyone when you purchase a GYMTEL bag!

Strength Plan

Banded Hammer Press

Additional information

Weight 4.6 kg